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In-Vision Digital Free Form Lenses by Quality Optics

IN-VISION Digital Lenses

Our premium in-house digital lens is great for everyday use.

IN-VISION is a fully optimized, 100% backside digitally surfaced progressive with a wide near or far zone for optimal viewing. Pairing this lens design with digital processing, plus the 125 different material and color combinations available, the IN-VISION surpasses any standard conventional progressive offered today.

Our In-house Anti-reflective Coatings

Carbonite HD

Our in-house premium coating, Carbonite HD provides unsurpassed cleanability, scratch protection, and durability.

  • Specially formulated for today’s high-tech digitally fabricated spectacle lenses
  • Eliminates unwanted front and back lens surface reflections
  • Provides outstanding contrast so that every detail looks crisper and sharper, ensuring clear, comfortable vision


Our premium 1-year A/R coating.

  • Offers UV protection and extreme scratch resistance
  • Water, dirt and dust-repellent properties help make the durability of this coating last—even after intense cleanings


Our in-house blue-light coating, NRHYTHM reflects harmful blue light and UV light away from the eye while allowing beneficial blue light to pass through the lens.

  • Protects the eyes from harmful HEV light by reducing backside reflection
  • Reduces scatter and glare for better vision and clarity
  • Improves comfort and reduces eye fatigue, headaches, and blurred vision associated with digital eye strain
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HOYA Array 2

Featuring Binolcular Harmonization Technology—providing wider and more stable viewing areas.

The HOYA Array 2 applies free form backside surfacing technology to virtually any semi-finished single vision lens, in any material, allowing a greater selection of lenses.

HOYA iD LIfestyle 3

HOYA’s new and improved lens design, with new variations to match your patient’s lifestyle.

The newest generation of the iD Integrated Dual Side progressive product family, HOYA’s iD Lifestyle 3 has added Binocular Eye Model and Binocular Harmonization Technology—providing a significant improvement in patient comfort and adaptation.

New HOYA Anti-reflective Coatings

Super HiVision EX3+

Using Super Premium Anti-Reflective (AR) technologies, HOYA has made EX3 better with the addition of backside UV protection.

  • Extreme scratch resistance, the only lens treatment that outperforms glass
  • Extreme clean vision – oil, water and dirt resistant
  • Extreme anti-reflection for maximum visual clarity


Recharge filters blue light transmitted from the back-lit screens of digital devices. Perfect for patients who suffer from digital eye strain (DES).

  • Filters blue light through a combination of absorption and reflection
  • May help alleviate eye strain, fatigue, headaches, loss of focus and blurred vision
  • Keeps eyes comfortable and refreshed and re-energizes focus

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